Tracy Tedesco works with employers and job seekers on a wide array of recruitment and job search strategy services.

For employers, Tracy Tedesco offers:

  • Executive recruitment
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Candidate prescreening
  • Applicant tracking system implementation
  • Talent analytics to determine human capital supply chain for roles and geography
  • Behavioral Interviewing training for Hiring Managers
  • Recruitment marketing including social media, Glassdoor, LinkedIn and Indeed

For job seekers, Tracy Tedesco assists the disadvantaged, downsized and people seeking to change careers as a Career Coach and Job Search Strategy expert with her hands on, real life inside experience gained from 15 years in corporate Talent Acquisition and People Operations. Tracy believes we should be working towards 100% employment.

This website focuses on tips and tricks for job seekers.

Are you facing these common Job Search Red Flags?

> You apply online but never get responses or quickly receive rejection emails.

> Recruiters are not reaching out to schedule phone interviews.

> If you do get to the final interview stage, you don’t receive an offer.

Then it’s time to jump start your job search with a seasoned job search strategist!

Tracy Tedesco’s services include the following:


Working professionals need to take control of marketing their professional credentials on a continuous basis through an Online Career Brand. Tracy Tedesco helps create a positive, employment-worthy brand. Maintaining a permanent online Career brand ensures that you are always in the market and not missing out on opportunities. Working professionals, job seekers, consultants, contractors and executives aren’t marketing experts but now are required to go beyond the resume and continuously promote themselves. Additionally, if your online brand is keyword rich, search engine optimized and easy to find based on critical keywords, Recruiters will reach out to you for jobs, many of which are not posted online because they are confidential searches.

Searchable Keywords

Today, most recruiters use certain technologies to quickly scan your resume. 98 out of every 100 online job applications are immediately rejected. Job seekers require a better understanding of recruiting technology to execute more successfully and get to the interview stage. Tracy Tedesco helps translate your experience into these universal keywords to increase the appearance of your resume in Recruiter searches.


After working with Tracy Tedesco, you’ll understand how to create a keyword rich, search engine optimized resume. You will also know how to customize your resume to address all of the requirements in a posted job description and how to apply online so that you’ll receive responses from Recruiters.

LinkedIn & Social Media

Your LinkedIn profile is key for Recruiters to contact you and learn more about you! It’s also a way to demonstrate your interest in the job market and even learn more about other companies and their employees. Tracy Tedesco helps upgrade and expand your LinkedIn profile. Additionally, job seekers need to understand the new social media job search etiquette, especially older job seekers.


Tracy Tedesco helps translate military acronyms to create a resume for those that used to be in the military. Many who used to be in the military are unfamiliar with the current job application process including recruitment technologies used to screen candidates.


After training with Tracy Tedesco, you will no longer risk self destruction during the interview process when interacting with corporate Recruiters and Hiring Managers. Tracy’s been on the hiring of the table for decades. She knows what you need to do in order to win big.


Often one of the hardest parts of the job search is starting it. Where do you start? What websites do you use? Which job boards are the best. The sheer amount of variables, steps, and forms can be overwhelming.Tracy Tedesco helps with the actual launch of your job search! You will understand how to properly navigate job boards and online application submissions on company Career sites.

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Tracy Tedesco has spent the last 20 years working in a wide variety of roles across the Talent and People Operations function. She has managed Recruiting and HR teams up to 10 in professional services, healthcare, management consulting, technology, software and financial services companies.

Tracy is a Master Trainer in Behavioral Interviewing with expert knowledge of building predictive, reliable and legally defensible interviewing and selection systems that enhance the candidate experience.  She is certified in Lominger Interview Architect, Strategic Workforce Planning, Behavioral Interviewing and Retaining Top Talent.